Explosion proof luminaries


 Explosion proof luminaires for 18, 36 and 58 W fluorescent Zone 1,2, 21-22

Watertight stainless steel lighting fixtures ATEX 74 IP66

  • the RINO-Ex series watertight lighting fixtures in ASI 304 stainless steel have a tempered glass diffuser and a corrosion resistant aluminium reflector, which has been specially anodized and polished. This structure consists of an enclosure that protects against the harshest climatic conditions and corrosion of highly aggressive atmospheres. In particular, the IP66 protection prevents any dust from entering the device, which can cause a drastic deterioration in photometric output.

  •  the ASI 304 stainless steel body and glass diffuser are totally resistant to the harshest environments such as salt spray fog and sulphurous anhydrite, and are not damaged by the prolonged effects of the sun?s direct rays.

  •  these characteristics allow the lighting fixtures to be used both in normal conditions, such as machine shops and food industries, and in difficult environments such as refineries, chemical industries and spray painting rooms, etc.

  •  these fixtures hold fluorescent tubular lamps of up to 3x36W (9000lm), which are available in different shades and colour representations. Due to the constantly specular reflector and the internal white painted steel body with a high reflection

  • factor, these lighting fixtures can be used in environments where the standard UNI 10380 requires very high performances in lighting technology, such as final assembly industries and textile industries, etc.

  • wiring: power supply 250V 50/60Hz. Rigid leads with PVC-HT sheath resistant to 90°C as per Standards CEI 20-20. 2P+= terminal box with maximum cable cross-section of 2.5 mm2.

EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-1
EN 60529
EN 50014
EN 50021
73/23 CEE & 93/68 CEE
94/9 CEE
89/336 CEE & 93/68 CEE

Mains 230V~ 50-60Hz

Made in Italy RESISTANT Designed with the very latest technology,


Pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, petrol stations, thermal power plants, large kitchens, garages, both in areas 2 (compulsory) as well as NE areas (recommended), woodworking shops, plastic laminate manufacturing, sugar factories, mills, farmyards, hay storage barns in both areas 22 (compulsory) as well as NE areas (recommended).


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